Found the best home with a great lot and tons of space?

But the kitchen and baths need remodeling and the carpet is tired.

Did you know, you can finance renovations?

Interlinc Mortgage in Tuscaloosa has a program where you take  a bid from a contractor which used to establish the amount the "redo" will cost.

The entire loan can include your new "old" home and your DREAM additions. 

Here is a video about the information. Let me know if you need more details.

LET your imagination build your next home using money from the bank.

Contact me for more information on this program. It can be cheaper than doing it after the fact with a home equity loan and the lender will take care of draws and scheduling to make the job go smoothly!

What are you waiting for! FIXER UPPERS ARE EASIER THAN EVER!


Allison Adams