I get asked all of the time, "What is so different about agents. Don't you all pretty much do the same thing?"

Honestly, sometimes we do. Most are members of an MLS. We get signs printed, may do some fliers to put in front of the home, which usually I find the neighbors grab to check out what the neighborhood is selling for.

Agents meet with other agents and share feedback. 

Some are on Zillow where they can also feature their properties and the good ones add a video (video now is key for online attention grabbing) with Facebook and video in the lead as "the place to market homes and other items". 

I personally find myself as much a marketer as a problem solver. 

Being an agent is about advertising. We can all do that.

I specialize on the lake but also have people wanting to retire to Tuscaloosa from all over the country who contact me and just want to be anywhere near the lake or the STADIUM. It is that time again. 

Tuscaloosa is on the radar and much of it pertains to football. 

These next few months we will have lots of visitors looking for a place to rent. As locals know, there are not many options. Airbnb has opened up with the City in agreement in trying out the option on a trial basis. Many owners have mixed experiences in quality tenants and some nightmarish ones. 

I try to stay informed about what areas are being allowed for this. (pic of recent meeting regarding subdivisions on the lake that allow game day rentals).






Lake Tuscaloosa is in a "short term rental" phase with fewer homes for sale. Many also are owned by single families who live there full time and have had their homes for decades. With little development allowed (it IS our drinking water) Lake Tuscaloosa is a challenge for even the seasoned agent to navigate as far as sales are concerned.


The internet is the wave of the future and at some time they are predicting that we may not even need agents, just a contract online and a video we watched before we buy a home.

This seems far fetched but is being tested. 

I like to think of myself as a Public Relations spokesman for Tuscaloosa and our great Lake Tuscaloosa to those considering making it their home. I go beyond the "what is for sale and what will they take" to try to nurture clients through the experience (which includes sometimes researching new regulations, babysitting pets while a showing takes place, sharing resources for painting and plumbing, taking groceries for the first weekend move in, to getting soup and crackers to past client's student children here at the university when they get the flu). 

This is a relationship business. I like to think that what I do matters to buyers and sellers because I make it more personal and think of them as families making monumental lifestyle choices. 

Buying a first home can be scary. I like to take a personal, step by step approach so buyers know exactly what to expect.

Buying a second home can be just as difficult. Buyers are experienced but they may have other things going on where they live. I have actually helped a second home buyer purchase without them coming to town until the week after closing. We used the internet, and I was the "feet on the ground". I helped them be virtually at all inspections (by video with them communicating on my phone and video with the inspectors to see exactly what the possible issues might be). 

Buying a home online is a virtual possibility but I know I would never do it. 

When looking for an agent, look for someone who can give you attention, who is familiar with our laws, our lake regulations are now some of the toughest ever for codes in building as well as our boat dock inspection process. 

I am available to give you an estimate on the value of your home if you are looking to sell. Most times on the lake if your home is in the 500 and under range, I can find a buyer before you have to put it on the market. I have clients who search lakehomes.com daily and are waiting for the right one to come up. I also have had appraisers give an estimate, as lake property is unique and diverse. 

Sellers, I would love to see if yours is the one for buyers who frequent our site. 

I work confidentially and have served numerous "keep me low profile" clients who just want a place to get away from it all without being discovered. 

I am NOT the agent who wants 100 listings or 1000 referrals. I want to work with clients who appreciate personal service and an educated Realtor with experience and who will be there for you every step of the way.

Give me a call and we can talk about your goals. No pressure, no sales pitches and no promises that I don't think I can keep. 

Have a great Labor Day Weekend and LET THE FOOTBALL BEGIN!


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