Lake Tuscaloosa is located less than ten minutes from the quad. 

There are a few things you need to know about this man made lake that many do not understand. 

The most common request on the lake is "something flat to the water, close to the stadium, just a little cabin, about 200,000.00."  

Well, there are NOT any of those. But we are sure to help you find something that might work for you. 

Lake Tuscaloosa is ranked #1 in price per acre and price per square foot when priced against other lakes in the country. 

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We have a number here in Alabama 

and I focus on Lake Tuscaloosa and Million Dollar Lakes. 

The terrain on Lake Tuscaloosa ranges from nice, rocky cliffs

to pasture along the shores



and a river that will remind you of the Okefenokee swamp if you so dare to venture all the way up its waters. 

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There are two marinas (Smiths and Blue Heron) where you can get gas, have a boat stored or you can rent a pontoon from Smiths. 

Some of the fun spots to visit are the old train tressel and Carroll's Creek Island where you can get off your boat and meander a bit. You can get a burger and some boiled peanuts from the vendor at the gas station across from Smith's Marina. There is a small space to tie up while you go inside. 

Links to the marinas are provided so you can be sure they are open. 

Even in FALL we can enjoy Lake Tuscaloosa, weather permitting. It is one of the rare lakes where the water levels are not controlled by a power company. 

The City of Tuscaloosa owns this lake, so you can be sure that there are parameters in place to keep it clean. It also provides us with drinking water.

For more information see our other posts about Lake Tuscaloosa. We hope you will come visit soon!